Yuga Labs’ chosen Bored Ape community council isn’t approved by all community members


  • Yuga Labs has chosen seven owners for its community council to handle the feedback from the community.
  • The council will work as aggregators of ideas and sentiment of the community.
  • Some members of the BAYC community aren’t pleased about not being selected.

Yuga Labs has made an announcement that it has built a community council with seven active BAYC NFT owners. 

In a blog, Yuga shared that the council members will be determined on accumulating as well as curating feedback from the community besides leading philanthropic activities. 

Additionally, Yuga opened up about keeping the council independent, which means it is not controlled by the multibillion-dollar startup. Members are motivated to come up with ideas and also incorporate them in future initiatives.

Yuga’s decision to create a community council shows how they are taking their NFT owners seriously and offering them avenues in exchange for bringing ideas and sharing concerns . 

In the post, the company mentioned that both the current council and upcoming councils, will lead to an effective, continuous and formal procedure for leadership of Yuga for feedback from community and advice as well. 

Wave, the newly chosen community member, desires to support owners of BAYC to understand the crypto security even better so that they can better secure their NFTs. 

A number of Twitter users have responded that ThreadGuy, the Mutant Ape holder, failed to make the cut.

Despite the positive outlook of council members, social media has received mixed responses. A Mutant Ape owner who appreciated Yuga called the council to be the way as Web3. On the other hand, Asa Hiken, a tech reporter, said that Yuga has picked the representatives of the community on its own rather than vote amongst owners.

At the moment, it is not clear what criteria has been used by Yuga Labs to assess council’s valuable members or how the final members have been chosen. There’s no response from Yuga Labs on it yet.