Leaderboard scores of Dookey Dash have been revealed


  • The Dookey Dash leaderboard is unveiled.
  • BAYC talked about the wonderful ways to play Dookey Dash.
  • Until February 8, people can participate in this game.

Bored Ape Yacht Club tweeted about the leaderboard, where they showcased all the activities that have happened so far in the Dookey Dash Game.

They discussed the top five wonderfully extra methods for playing Dookey Dash.

  1. Get the screen and controller system in one package. Dookey Dash appears to perform admirably on the Steam platform. That’s quite astute.
  2. While in an uninteresting lecture or conference, play the Dookey Dash game on your smartwatch.
  3. Immerse yourself in the sewers by living, breathing, and eating dooky in VR. The most recent headgear also has smell-o-vision.
  4.  Play with power.
  5. After a long day, pump up the subwoofer because this Dookey is going to take first place.

Further, they talked about the leaderboard. The top-ten competition is intense, and it changes on a daily basis. They applauded everyone who had made it thus far in the game. The top 19% score has 570,000 points, according to the scoreboard. The 5% score is 420,000 points. The 10% score is rewarded with 320,000 points. The 20% score is worth 225,000 points. The 50% score is worth 110,000 points.

Anyone interested in participating in this prize has until February 8 to put a score on their sewer pass in order to qualify for the summoning.

Yuga Labs‘ Dookey Dash is a skill-based NFT game. Gamers can participate in an infinite running competition. Dookey Dash is a limited-time competition that has already sparked interest in the NFT and crypto communities.