BAYC Co-Founder Garga says the ‘Persistent World’ of the Otherside is arriving in 2023


  • Garga, the Co-Founder of BAYC, said that the Persistent World of the Otherside is coming in 2023, along with several other answers related to the platform.
  • As per Garga, Yuga’s metaverse is focused on making a social space, whereas Facebook’s metaverse is focused on hardware.
  • The Persistent World coming in 2023 will be coming with multiple experiences, and people will have complete access to the initial customer experience in 2023.

In a recent interview with Punk6529, the Co-Founder of BAYC, Garga, shared his thoughts on the metaverse and revealed that the Persistent World of the Otherside is arriving in 2023. In addition, Garga gave the community an update on when the project will be able to break through to the other side. 

As per Garga, the metaverse should be something that backs its existence on the blockchain and should be open and interoperable. Furthermore, it is something that should allow people to come as they are and as they want to be. Along with this, Garga went on to explain that when he was a kid, he saw the Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers trailer, and that trailer had a massive impact on how he views the metaverse. 

Garga addressed that he intends the metaverse to be a place that is similar to Super Smash Brothers, and he laid an emphasis while making a point that he does not want the Otherside to feel like any other average Web2 game. To facilitate this, the project is required to embrace a few aspects of the metaverse that haven’t been in use before. 

Comparing Facebook’s metaverse to Yuga’s metaverse, Garga said that the Facebook one is focused more on hardware while Yuga’s metaverse is focused on making a social space. Garga revealed that the Otherside would have to be equipped with fun so that Yuga could compete with the giants in the space. 

Along with being a fun game, the Otherside is required to be a platform for creators to build on top of the idea. As per Garga, people must see the potential and must be introduced to a story so that they can have an emotional stake in what’s being constructed. 

The Persistent World will arrive in 2023, and there are going to be multiple experiences along the way.