BAYC & Yuga Labs co-founders expect ‘Otherside’ to act as ‘Web3-native Roblox’ for adults


  • Yuga Labs believes that the future of non-fungible tokens lies in gaming.
  • In its first funding round, Yuga Labs had raised $450 million. i.e. a huge $4 billion valuation, earlier in 2022.
  • Yuga Labs is looking forward to launching their Web3-based metaverse, which is believed to be similar to “World of Warcraft.”

Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano, co-founders of BAYC and Yuga Labs, have shared their vision about the metaverse game, Otherside. The duo bets on video games with non-fungible tokens assets but isn’t interested in making a “walled garden.”

Keeping the real spirit of the Bored Ape Yacht Club alive is a priority for Solano. However, he is also interested in showing the world the ability of Yuga with its Web3 funding.

The game development process of Yuga Labs is different in comparison to traditional game publishers. Yuga’s team is going faster and attracting owners of NFT  as de facto “Otherside” testers.

Aronow shared that he believes they are doing things differently than many other gaming firms. Yuga aspires to reveal Otherside via a number of trips that will allow chosen people to explore parts of the forthcoming virtual world. There are no plans of making game products for a very large demographic. 

Aronow continued that they make everything for those who initially minted or bought a Bored Ape during the launch in April 2021. Also, Otherside is neither designed for kids nor for no-coiners. 

He added that it could be considered as a semi-decentralized though completely Web3 native, Roblox. However, it will look way better and is focused on a more adult audience.

Even though there’s a lot of backlash and controversy about NFTs in games, both the founders think that haters and gamers will always be there.

According to Aronow, the major upcoming wave in NFTs will revolve around gaming. Though he also thinks that everyone who works in any virtual world won’t do it the right way.