Matr1x launching metaverse’s first mobile FPS game


  • Matr1x received $10 million as an investment.
  • The Matr1x Fire game is going to be released soon.
  • The YATC NFT collection was their first collection.

Matr1x, a Web3 media platform, has secured $10 million and will shortly debut Matr1x Fire, Metaverse‘s first smartphone FPS game, and its NFT Matr1x 2061. Despite the lack of an open auction, the mint will begin operations in the final decade of February 2023. 

Matr1x, a Web-based entertainment platform, finally received $10 million in funding. Hana, a major Korean financial organization; Hashkey Capital, an early Ethereum shareholder; Amber Group, a leading cryptocurrency market operator; and SevenX, a level-one Web3 investing entity, are among the shareholders.

Matr1x just released You Are The Champion (YATC), its first NFT series, and will shortly release Matr1x 2061 and Matr1x Fire, Metaverse’s first mobile shooting game. The game is supported by one million words of worldview literature.

50% of the YATC NFTs will be saved for future champion groups in Matrix Esports competitions, with the remainder going to great Web3 sector participants. The YATC floor price is presently 7.6 ETH.

Matr1x 2061 is an elevated ACG-style PFP NFT. Matr1x FIRE has produced an aggregate of 2,061 pieces. Holders get access to a variety of benefits in Matr1x FIRE, including priority access to all future testing, the ability to reserve Genesis avatars and receive airdrops of in-game tokens and assets, a method that is accurate to the gameplay experience, and so on. 

While there will be no public auction, the mint will begin in February 2023, and only people whitelisted by MatrixList and LuckyList will be eligible.