Katana DEX is releasing New Token Pair


  • WETH partnerships on the Katana DEX had been replaced with WRON pairs.
  • Ronin was created in 2021 as a more efficient scaling method to handle traffic on Axie Infinity and high transaction load.
  • Ronin is on a fast track to being the basis for more online gaming than Axie.

On January 16, 2023, Ronin tweeted that on February 7, WETH pairings on the Katana DEX would be substituted with WRON pairs to improve RON liquidity in preparation for DPOS and RON staking. The 2023 Katana Liquidity Mining Program is the most recent upgrade to the Katana DEX’s RON liquidity and rewards.

They introduced Ronin in 2021 in response to the necessity for a more effective scaling solution to handle the massive transaction traffic generated by its active players in their main network game, Axie Infinity.

Ronin has embarked on an exciting path to becoming the basis for more digital games than Axie. As a consequence, in order to enable more activities and events, the RON token needs to become more fluid. 

The updated coin sets and their emissions will read like this: The daily USDC/RON emissions will be 24,169 RON. The daily AXS/RON emissions will be 24,169 RON. The daily RON/WETH emissions will be 60,422 RON. The daily SLP/RON emissions will be 12,084 RON. They anticipate that this significant move will improve RON liquidity. This is a vital step in launching the mainnet DPoS protocol successfully.

As a result, they’re releasing new RON pairings to get the incentives formerly emitted by WETH pairs. This implies that WETH pairings will remain in existence, but they will no longer generate incentives, while new RON couples will do so instead. They are thrilled with Ronin’s progress since 2021 and are looking forward to where they’ll go in 2023. Their wonderful network, which they cannot appreciate enough, has a promising future.