Lunacian Summer is Axie’s Hottest Breeding Event


  • The most exciting breeding event in Lunacia has arrived.
  • You can breed limited-edition summer skins for the next 50 days. Shiny skins are the new twist that they’ve added.
  • All breeding automation is now prohibited for the entire event.

Lunacia is delighted to unveil the hottest breeding event Lunacia has ever seen. Starting right now, sweaty Axie breeding can be used to create a range of unique summer skins.

Anyone is welcome to take part in this event and produce unique items for current and future Lunacians to enjoy. This breeding event has two novel features. First, they required the blending of two genes in the breeding protocols. Then, to give the community’s top breeders an additional challenge, flashy parts have been added.

The history of Lunacia is particularly rich in instances of breeding. The first two breeding events, which took place over the 2018 and 2019 holiday seasons, helped to create a unique generation of breeders and collectors.

The Lunacian Summer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave your stamp on Lunacian history and forge your unique summer Axies.

Once the breeding season has passed, the supply of these summer Axies will remain fixed and steady, making them increasingly scarce as a proportion of the total Axie population.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP), Axie’s in-game token, was overproduced and dispersed without sufficient means of burning or total annihilation. Since its SLPs lost value and were ineffectual at inspiring players, Axie experienced inflation.

The price of SLP climbed from $0.003 on July 6 to $0.19 on July 8 after it first crossed the $0.10 threshold after its debut. The increase in SLP price boosted Axie Infinity’s story of “play to earn” and attracted many new eyes to our ecosystem, the company wrote in a blog post about the event. The crew was ecstatic to find that even though many new community members initially joined to speculate, they were eventually lured in by the game and community and have stayed.

On May 1, 2021, the maximum price for an SLP token was $0.4191. There has never been an upward trend that has been constant after the record high.