P2E football game MonkeyLeague to host roundtable discussion concerning NFT games’ future


  • Play-and-Earn football game, MonkeyLeague, announced that it is hosting a roundtable chat featuring industry leaders and influencers.
  • The roundtable discussion will surround the future of the NFT games and will feature guests such as Johnny B. Lee, Sarutobi Sasuke, Matt Biamonte, and Oren Langberg.
  • The roundtable discussion will reportedly be streamed live on the official YouTube channel of MonkeyLeague on August 24, 4 PM UTC.

In a recent press release officially released by MonkeyLeague, a roundtable discussion is on the way for hosting a number of Web3 industry leaders and influencers. The play-and-earn football game constructed on the top of the Solana blockchain will be streaming the roundtable discussion live on its official YouTube channel on August 24. 

The discussion will reportedly feature special guests such as Matt Biamonte, Game Partnerships at Magic Eden, Johnny B. Lee, the General Manager of Games at Solana, Oren Langberg, the Head of Marketing at UnCaged Studios, the creator of MonkeyLeague, and Sarutobu Sasuke, the Head of Partnerships at Yield Guild Games. 

As per the official press release, the roundtable discussion named “MonkeyTalks Live: GameFi 2.0” is going to be a live debate witnessing guests sharing their views on crucial topics. The discussions will cover the current and future state of the industry’s plans to bridge Web2 with Web3, Web3 gaming, and overall efforts to enhance the broader adoption of Web3 games and crypto in general. 

Discussing further MonkeyLeague, it has emerged as a fast and turn-based arcade-style Web3 soccer game that, as said, is easy to learn but quite hard to master. The game allows the formation of a team of 6 MonkeyPlayer NFTs, train them, compete against real players, and participate in tournaments. 

If you are interested in watching the roundtable discussion, then you must note that it will be streamed live through the official YouTube channel of MonkeyLeague on August 24 at 4 PM UTC.