MetaLend DeFi is deployed on Ronin Manniet


  • Axie Infinity announced that MetaLend Defi is now available on Ronin Manniet.
  • MetaLend makes software that allows people to gain against NFTs.
  • As we progressively open our doors to new options, Ronin will begin to believe that it is critical.

Axie Infinity is thrilled to announce that MetaLend DeFi is live on Ronin Manniet, via Twitter, on February 2, 2023. Metalend allows Axie Infinity users to borrow money against their in-game valuables, such as axies and land, using their Ronin wallets.

MetaLend creates software that enables users to acquire and loan against non-performing loans (NFTs). Since its inception in 2022, they have made loans against approximately 2,000 NFTs.

In 2023, Ronin will start to believe that it is vital as we gradually open our doors to new possibilities. Anyone, everywhere in the world, may now have access to liquidity by using their assets and claimed property as collateral. In the future, gamers will be allowed to play with their collateralized NFTs. MetaLend will also support staked AXS and RON. There are many options.

Ronin also tweeted that MetaLend DeFi has been deployed on their platform. The Ronin team shared,

This year, Ronin will go on a crucial adventure as we open up to the rest of the world. Our transition to DPoS, collaboration with third-party game companies, and now MetaLend are all part of Ronin’s gradual decentralization path.

MetaLend is a DeFi system that enables users to continue playing and earning money with securitized NFTs. Lenders can use the system to obtain loans against their NFTs while still having access to the feature that allows them to access their resources and claim any yield.

The Axie Infinity Store is the NFT global market for one of the largest crypto video games. It allows players to purchase and sell NFTs for the animals, objects, and land found in Axie Infinity. Because the game requires three axes to begin, using its marketplaces is the quickest method to get started.