Axie Infinity Announced 200 Fully-funded Fellowships for Creators


  • Axie Infinity announces 200 fully-funded fellowships to promote growth among community members
  • Fellowships announced will allow web3 content creators to participate in the Nas Academy’s Creator Academy
  • The duration of the mentorship program will be two months. Registrations are open now and will end on July 20th

Blockchain-based gaming platform Axie recently announced fully financed fellowships for creators. They can now participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy, which rolled out specifically for Axie Infinity. 

The platform lays an emphasis on community members that they should be encouraged to grow. The community of Axie creators adds enormous value to the ecosystem. 

Unfortunately, until now, there haven’t been enough learning tools available for Axie creators to enhance their work to the next level. Resulting in the introduction of the Creator Academy, where 200 creators will be funded.

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The training program has been created by Nas Academy, especially for Axie Infinity community creators. The training school is independent but harmonious with the Axie Creator Program operated by QU3ST.

The Creator Academy 

The academy has created a significant creator school that is ready to train the pioneers of web3 content creators. This three months fellowship targets to help creators of all levels to upgrade their capabilities and sharpen crucial content creation skills, like:

  • Formulating amazing, exciting content ideas 
  • Writing appealing scripts that keep viewers engaged and retained
  • Shooting high-quality videos on smartphones
  • Assembling and editing videos from end to end on mobile 
  • Paving a path for yourself that leads to success while posting on social
  • Monetization, content marketing, and strategies with branding

All the creators taking part in the program will also undergo a 2-month mentorship program, where they will be allowed to practice everything they have mastered and learned. Also, creating and shooting video content for their individual channels.