Axie Infinity launches Homeland – a game using land NFT


  • Axie Infinity ultimately released Homeland, a game mode that utilizes Land – the land NFTs.
  • Only PC users who bought Land at launch will be able to play Homeland, which will only be accessible to Axie Infinity players.
  • Following a rocky 2022, this is the most recent advancement for Axie Infinity.

Homeland, a game mode that makes use of Land – the land NFTs, was ultimately launched by Axie Infinity following the initial revelations from February 2021. Players who own land will be able to farm in Homeland, a version of the Axie Infinity game built on the land NFT platform, to obtain more resources for the improvement of their land.

Homeland will only be compatible with playing on PCs and will only be available to Axie Infinity players that have already purchased Land at launch. Gamers can report unresolved bugs and make suggestions for game enhancements through feedback portals that game developers will open.

Homeland will therefore include a lot of task groupings, such as gathering and storing materials, optimizing Axie animal work for optimal farming efficiency, constructing buildings on your property to store resources, creating new equipment, and raising the number of Axies one can own, etc.

AXS token integration, NFT Axie, an in-game trade system, auxiliary Land items, co-play activities, a game mode without Land, and other features will ultimately be added to Homeland.

This is Axie Infinity’s most recent development following a turbulent 2022. The launch of Origin and the AxieCon convention, two recent achievements of Axie, have been impacted by the most devastating Ronin attack in the cryptocurrency industry’s history. The GameFi trend has significantly impacted the price of the AXS token, even if the project has terminated the bonus token, SLP.

The price of AXS did not considerably alter before the news that Axie Infinity had released the Homeland edition of the game using NFT Land; rather, it slightly decreased during the December 28 crypto market slump.

Early in November, the AXS price hit a low of $3.99. However, it abruptly bounced, forming a very long lower wick that confirmed the channel’s support line. Such protracted wicks are regarded as indicators of purchasing pressure.