Axie Infinity announces updated version of Ronin mobile wallet


  • The Axie Infinity team announced the release of a new version of the Ronin mobile wallet later today.
  • The new version has improvements like notifications for ERC20 token balance updates, a new browsing experience for ERC721 tokens, data tracking messages on the mobile wallet, bug fixes, etc.
  • Axie Infinity aims to compensate for losses that resulted due to the hack.

Developers of Axie Infinity are set to release a new version of the Ronin mobile wallet. 

The announcement was made on Twitter:

As a part of the updates, users will receive notifications regarding the changes of the token balance in the ERC20 network. Furthermore, a new interface to view ERC721 network tokens has also been added along with the change in the seed phrase verification process. 

The update intends to resolve different bugs and look for updates and archive messages by adding a button.

The Ronin Wallet update will happen at the same time as the Ronin Network update and the Ronin Bridge relaunch. 

On March 23, the network was suspended when a hacker attack on Ronin Bridge caused a theft of 173,600 ETH and $25.5 million in USDC, a total of $625 million; thereby, establishing it as the historical record for crypto hacks.

According to the U.S. government, Lazarus, the North Korean group was the culprit behind the hack. This was followed by imposing sanctions on three ETH wallet addresses that were linked to Lazarus.

Sky Mavis worked continuously to fix the situation for the next three months. As a result, compromised validator nodes were replaced with new ones. A $150 million round was collected from Binance, a16z and Paradigm. To detect vulnerabilities in the blockchain, a bug bounty program was launched. The network hardforked and the stolen $5.8 million were returned.