Burberry All Set to Bring Back Blankos Block Party NFT-based Game


  • Burberry is joining Mythical Games for the launch of its new NFT collection.
  • The limited-edition character is a vinyl NFT toy that celebrates creativity and self-expression.
  • The character and accessories will be available to buy from 22 June 2022 at 5pm BST.

After a sell-out launch last summer, Burberry is all set to present a new character, new accessories and a branded virtual world inside the playful NFT-based game.

Teaming up with Mythical Games for the second time, the brand aims to launch its NFT collection at Blankos Block Party. 

Limited-edition NFT vinyl toy, Sharky B, is being succeeded by a special-edition unicorn, Minny B.  

Burberry made the announcement through a post on Twitter.

The mythical creature has a spiraled horn; black mohawk hairstyle; orange tail, and set of white wings that will enable it to explore new spaces by flight. 

The unicorn is dressed in Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram, the house check with a tinge of orange. The NFT is defined as a “kind, gentle, and cheeky character that infuses art and creativity.”

The NFT collection consists of boomboxes, TB sliders, lucky horseshoe necklaces and a Shellphone, which refers to a seashell-inspired mobile phone accessory, which can be added by players to their virtual portfolio of online accessories.

This time, a Burberry virtual world has landed in the game in the form of a floating virtual oasis. People who own Burberry’s existing Sharky B character, which was introduced last August, will receive a free digital bucket hat.

Rachel Waller, Vice President of channel innovation at Burberry said: 

We want to build a relationship. I think brands have done a lot of hype in this space and having a mechanism within Blankos to actually do that in-game is the direction of travel that we want to be going towards.

The project ticks a number of boxes for Burberry in the digital and analog realms. For instance, it has a venue to experiment with NFTs, Web3- community building and gaming besides following traditions like summer destination pop-ups and its limited edition B Series drops. 

Waller also said that they are still learning and there’s a lot to know about engaging with the community and new creators. They are measuring whatever they are learning, which is why the partnership is crucial.