AC Milan partners with MonkeyLeague to launch AC Milan NFT game assets collection


  • AC Milan announces a new partnership with MonkeyLeague that involves the creation of exclusive, Rossoneri-branded NFT game assets and wearables.
  • MonkeyLeague will be closely working with the Italian Champions to introduce a brand new collection of branded AC Milan NFT game assets.
  • The partnership marks a step toward MonkeyLeague’s mission of bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

In an announcement made recently, AC Milan is excited to reveal its new partnership with MonkeyLeague and has become the new NFT Gaming Partner of Rossoneri. 

As revealed, the strategic, wide-ranging, and design partnership between MonkeyLeague and AC Milan involves the creation of exclusive wearables, Rossoneri-branded NFT game assets, co-marketing events, special game tournaments, and a host of other exciting initiatives.

MonkeyLeague is an AAA-quality, Web3 football game built on top of the Solana blockchain and is a strategy-based football game in which users have to build and manage their own dream team of a minimum of six players. 

As for the economic value of the game, it is centered around an in-game currency, MonkeyBucks ($MBS), along with other in-game assets that hold value in and out of the game. 

The announcement revealed that as a segment of the deal, MonkeyLeague would be closely working with the Italian Champions in order to launch a new collection of branded AC Milan NFT game assets involving skins, stadiums, and MonkeyPlayers. 

It should be noted that the first and more exclusive batch is set to be auctioned on October 6 on MagicEden, with the NFTs definitely going to the highest bidders. AC Milan jerseys signed by the entire club will be among the highly-sought after AC Milan MonkeyPlayers to be auctioned.

What’s more to the key takeaways is the fact that MonkeyLeague will be launching its initial MonkeyPlayer NFT breeding season in partnership with AC Milan. Here, AC Milan branded assets are supposed to emerge randomly via the breeding process. In addition, as the revelation mentioned, there can be additional NFTs that might have land or in-game stadiums. 

Noting the emphasis of the partnership, it marks a notable new growth phase for the entire community, supporting MonkeyLeague, and it aligns perfectly with MonkeyLeague’s mission to bridge Web2 and Web3. 

As for AC Milan, this partnership with MonkeyLeague can be considered a part of a wider Web3.0 strategy that witnesses the Club working with the experts. 

They will be working collaboratively in order to facilitate the creation of distinct digital experiences for their fans. These digital experiences might be aimed at providing the customers with enhanced access, more ownership, and alluring them closer to their favorite club.