Alien Worlds NFT Game Launches In-Game DAOs


  • Alien Worlds releases in-game DAOs across communities.
  • Users can now collect or trader digital items and stake TLM to earn in-game tokens.
  • Alien Worlds generated $42.7 million in total and $4,600 in the past 24 hours.

Today, the creators of Alien Worlds announced the launch of in-game DAOs under a new model to amplify the competition among gaming communities.

In Alien Worlds, users collect and trade digital items minted on the WAX blockchain. Users compete to earn Trilium (TLM), an in-game token, which is needed to control rival DAOs. Their token is also available on Ethereum and on BNB Chain.

A DAO is basically an online community that shares a common goal, and the control is not centralized and rather spread out amongst the community. DAOs use smart contracts with participants using governance tokens.

As McKenna states that syndicate members can stake TLM to earn governance tokens, and even cast votes to manage the DAO’s digital assets. The in-game DAOs can compete against other groups or even collaborate with them.

McKenna said that building on WAX allowed Alien Worlds to create “good delegated democracy DAOs.” McKenna envisions more types of DAOs building on blockchains and compatible with EVM.

Alien Worlds lacks the massive NFT trading volume of the Axie Infinity. However, according to DappRadar reports, 635,000 unique wallets have connected to this game in the past month, putting it only behind Gameta, a Solana/BNB gaming platform.

According to data from Atomic Hub, Alien Worlds have generated $42.7 million worth of trading volume to date but only $4,600 over the last 24 hours.