New IP rights agreement of ETH-based NFT collection project CryptoPunk to go live


  • Ethereum-based NFT collection project, CryptoPunk announces the new IP right agreement for the collection.
  • This will open the doors of creativity and opportunities for the holders.
  • Yuga Labs reserves all the rights to make changes as per the fine print.

NFT collection project on Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks, in a recent revelation, announced that the IP rights agreement for the CryptoPunks collection is now live and will be available at

As per the tweet from the official Twitter account, this development was something that the project owners promised to the users from day one. The team is now looking forward to seeing what the community builds, using the terms as guidance. 

Launched in 2107 by Larva Labs studio, Crypto punk is a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The project holds a specific historical relevance that can only be found in the fields of NFTs, crypto, and Web3.  The prime focus of Yuga’s since buying the collection’s IP has been to honor this reputation and do it right by the community. 

The platform lays emphasis on creativity and more possibilities for punks; they believe offering IP licenses to holders will open the door to endless opportunities. Also will consider it an honor to be part of this future ride. 

Adding further Yuga Labs is all right to make adjustments and changes, per the fine print. It is because they are breaking into new ground and need flexibility to best serve the community.

Any user who has any queries regarding the new announcement of IP terms can directly reach out to the official CryptoPunks discord: