Yuga Labs reaches settlement with RR/BAYC clone collection


  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club has reached an agreement with one of the creators of a knockoff collection.
  • Yuga Labs sued Lehman in January for his involvement in copying collections.
  • Yuga Labs and Lehman reached an agreement on a restraining order prohibiting Lehman from using BAYC images in the future.

Yuga Labs has resolved a dispute with one of the programmers of the RR/BAYC clone collection. The founder of the non fungible token collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, resolved a dispute with Thomas Lehman, the creator of websites and a smart contract that marketed “false” BAYC NFTs, from graphic designer Ryder Ripps, on February 6.

In January, the company behind the blue-chip collection accused Lehman of participating in and providing technical assistance with the collection of apes. The lawsuit alleges that Lehman helped Ripps and Jeremy Cahen design and advertise the NFTs on social networks. It was a conscious attempt to hurt Yuga Labs at the expense of customers by spreading uncertainty about the two collections, it alleged.

According to Law360, Yuga Labs and Lehman consented to a court injunction prohibiting Lehman from employing any “suspiciously similar” BAYC graphics or running any social media platforms indicating involvement with the firm. 

In response, he declared that it was never his purpose to tarnish Yuga Labs’ brand, that he rejects all negative claims made about Yuga Labs and its founders, and that he appreciates their numerous good contributions to the NFT field.

Ripps’ usage of photos from the BAYC collection is the subject of two distinct ongoing lawsuits. Jeremy Cahen has also been sued for allegedly duplicating and marketing the same items as Yuga on the same sites. 

Yuga Labs sued Ripps and Cahen in June, saying that the creators were harassing Yuga Labs and duping customers into buying their knockoffs. Ripps generated more than $5 million by producing and discarding bogus NFTs.