Anonymous, the hacktivist group to investigate BAYC for Nazi symbolism


  • Anonymous will investigate the allegations against BAYC collection to find out their authenticity.
  • BAYC has continuously claimed that there’s no truth to the allegations.
  • @nxg4n tweets clear how they only target BAYC.

Anonymous Group has posted a video on Twitter in which it is assuring about investigating Bored Apes collection connection with Nazi symbolism.

Founders of BAYC have denied the allegations.

According to the hacker group, BAYC is accused of simianism, pedophilia, racism and occultism and more, which will be investigated. 

The group has claimed to release the findings periodically. Also, it said that the Twitter video is only a friendly message to the BAYC community. 

Artist Ryder Ripps began accusations on Yuga Labs and BAYC collection in terms of Nazi symbolism.

Though founders of BAYC have repeatedly denied any links to Nazisms and other blamed concepts, Ripps is fixed with the claims while Yuga Labs is suing on the grounds of baseless accusations.

Coming to the community, some have questioned whether the group is the real Anonymous group while others believe that Ripps and his team are behind the video.

On August 9, an Anonymous Facebook page mentioning @nxg4n, posted, ‘keep up the good work.’ 

Though the post doesn’t exist anymore, it did mention both Ryder Ripps and Pauly Cohen.

If nxg4n tweets are given a close look, it becomes clear that it tweets only about conspiracy theories on Yuga Labs. As of now, it is not known who owns the account.

Meanwhile, Ripps is not coming slow and targeting BAYC through a series of tweets.