Wylie Aronow addresses heart diagnosis & Yuga Labs conspiracy theories


  • Yuga Labs’ co-founder is suffering from heart disease.
  • Wylie Aronow said he put the responsibilities of Yuga Labs in good hands.
  • According to Wylie Aronow, conspiracy theories are absolutely false.

According to a CoinDesk tweet on February 10, 2023, Yuga Labs co-founder Wylie Aronow (Gorden Goner) wrote a letter regarding his heart failure diagnosis and addressed it to the conspiracy theories surrounding the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Wylie Aronow stated that he didn’t pay any attention to his health, and his doctor informed him about the heart failure. That normally means a person has a 50% chance of living another five years. He has been advised by the doctor to improve his lifestyle.

He is very sure that he has left all the responsibilities of his creation, Yuga Labs, in good hands, and he is also providing advice as much as he’s able to. He’s currently seeing excellent cardiologists and working with specialists who will advise him on everything from therapies to supplements to diet. 

Wylie’s schedule was always jam-packed. Working 12 hours a day, living on coffee, operating a thriving business for two years straight, and spending long hours behind a computer screen, stepping back from all of his hustling now seems like getting off the world’s roller coaster.

Yuga Labs has also been surrounded by conspiracy theories, and Wylie has addressed them. He stated that they’ve clearly shown that these charges are false. According to the conspiracy, we purposefully included vague references to Hitler in the BAYC collection; presumably, the bunny ears characteristic and the Bored Ape Kennel Club relate to the Hitler bunny ears meme and the notion that Hitler liked dogs, among many others.

All of these theories are totally false. He also mentioned that some of his co-founders have testified under oath for the facts, but those theories are all lies and nothing else.