M&M’s releases NFT-based melt-in-mouth candies


  • Mars is set to release limited-edition M&M’s candy with BAYC NFT imagery on it.
  • M&M’s deal is neither a collaboration with Yuga Labs nor with the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • 10,000 packages of candies will be sold among gift jars and gift boxes.

After converting their Ethereum NFT imagery into alcohol packaging, apparel, restaurants, and toys through permissive commercialization rights, BAYC owners can now consume Bored Apes through limited-edition M&M’s.

Mars, the candy brand, has signed a deal with Universal Music Group label, 10:22 PM, to build limited edition Kingship-based M&M’s. Kingship is a virtual band containing BAYC and MAYC avatars.

Mars Wrigley, Global Vice President Jane Hwang, said that expectations of consumers from their favorite brands have changed, and Mars knows that it has to be even more innovative with brands. 

Last November, Kingship was revealed as a metaverse band that’s created from non-fungible tokens held by Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis. 

The 10:22 label is known to create personalities based on the Bored Ape illustrations. Also, it is creating real music for the group.  

The band has released its personal NFT, key cards, which offer unique perks and access to owners. To buy the M&M’s candy, NFT owners were provided early access. 

Mars has released limited quantities of M&M’s chocolate candies. The candies have iconography of Kingship and images of Bored Apes.  

BAYC is among the most popular NFT projects. The NFT collection of Yuga Labs has earned about $2.4 billion till date in secondary trading volume. Bored Ape-based NFTs have generated $5.6 billion-plus till date in secondary trading in combination with follow-up and spin-off projects.

Owners of Bored Ape NFT can use the images owned by them to create projects and products. Moreover, if they want, they can license the artwork to brands. 

Food restaurants, clothing, collectibles, marijuana & alcohol packaging, and more also use images of Bored Ape.

Bored Apes have earned fame in the music industry as well.