Bored Apes’ Daniel Alagre’s Twitter account recovered, announces Yuga Labs


  • Bored Apes’ Daniel Alegre’s Twitter account is now restored.
  • Yuga Labs has urged users to avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  • Ways to differentiate between the real and fake site have been shared by Yuga Labs.

Recently,  hackers attacked Bored Ape’s new CEO  Daniel Alegre’s Twitter handle to promote fake phishing links.

Co-founder of Yuga Labs Greg Solano tweeted on May 3 to share that hackers breached Alegre’s account. He alerted all users to refrain from clicking links associated with Alegre’s Twitter account.

However, Yuga Labs recent tweet mentions the recovery of @dalegre’s account. From now onwards, surprise mint or activation won’t be there ever and users must cross reference links on Yuga’s official website as well as their brand channels. 

Taking to his Twitter account, Daniel Alegre also shared the news of getting back his account. He repeated that there wouldn’t be any announcement from any personal affiliate account.

There are certain ways that allow users to find out if they are on a genuine Yuga website or not. For instance, a quick security setup is the initial step to proceed on the site. After this, an authentication phrase has to be created other than uploading an authentication image which would be linked with a user’s account. 

These steps will confirm that one is associating with a real Yuga Labs’ website. Besides these, other security practices must be followed as well to decide whether or not to interact with the website. Whenever a user will log into Yuga Lab news, they will see the phrase and the authentication image. 

If a fake or malicious website appears exactly the same as a Yuga Domain, a user’s browser will show only the exclusive phrase as well as the image on the Yuga domain. However, the browser shouldn’t be accessible by a hacker or scammer. 

Yuga Labs has strictly recommended users to avoid clicking on links before confirming their safety. 

Previously, Yuga Labs shared about its MailChimp account being hacked; however, NFTs and other sensitive data were safe.