Christie’s Noah Davis to Takeover as Brand Lead for Cryptopunks


  • On June 19, 2022, Noah Davis, an NFT expert for the auction house Christie’s, announced that he is leaving in July
  • He will be leading the project for CryptoPunks with Yuga Labs
  • David briefed the move while looking forward to suppressing holders’ anxieties regarding the future of CryptoPunks

In a recent Twitter thread, Noah Davis, the NFT specialist at the Christie’s auction house, announced his withdrawal from the project in July. This move comes in response to him joining the CryptoPunks NFT Collection project as a brand lead with Yuga Labs.

Davis addressed on Sunday the anxieties that holders might have regarding the future of CryptoPunks, and released a statement related to what they won’t be doing that said:


Noah Davis invited the CryptoPunk owners to schedule a discussion with him about the project’s future at the NFT NYC event. He further revealed that the new position at the CryptoPunks won’t take away from his own NFT project.

Back in March, Yuga Labs took over the intellectual property of the CryptoPunks collection from Larva Labs. Though Yuga Labs said they would turn over the complete commercial rights to the owners, the promise hasn’t been fulfilled yet. 

Wylie Aronow, a.k.a. Gargamel, emphasized the reasons behind the holdup and revealed that it was “too significant to rush” and that the new terms “will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks.”

According to the data released by OpenSea, 39 sales of the CryptoPunks collection have taken place following the announcement. Amid this latest update, some are alleging the execution of insider trading, citing the increasing sales volume of the collection.