Larva Labs and Yuga Labs donated NFTs to Centre Pompidou


  • CryptoPunk #110 and Autoglyph #25 have been donated to the Paris Museum.
  • According to Yuga, cryptopunks are increasingly being highlighted as an essential art movement by the industry.
  • Both NFTs are part of the permanent collection at the Centre Pompidou.

Larva Labs and Yuga Labs donated NFT art to the Centre Pompidou, the Paris Art Museum, for their permanent collection. They see the network as a medium in and of itself, with potential beyond merely being a register of possession, and are thrilled to be part of a permanent collection honouring fundamental work of this nature, via Twitter on February 11, 2023.

CryptoPunk #110 and Autoglyph #25 were both donated to the Centre Pompidou and will be on display there this spring, together with 16 other NFT pieces by a diverse collection of artists. The show will be the Centre Pompidou’s first acceptance of NFTs into its collection. The Centre Pompidou is Europe’s largest modern art museum.

The NFT was presented to the gallery by Yuga, the owner of the CryptoPunks IP, as part of its Punks Legacy Project. CryptoPunk #305 was donated to Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art as part of a project to install CryptoPunks in notable institutions across the world in November.

Autoglyphs are far more uncommon. Larva Labs, the initial inventor of CryptoPunks, has created an Ethereum-based generative art project with just 512 NFTs in total. The current floor price for the venture is 249 ETH, or a little more than $377,000. The sculpture was gifted to the Centre Pompidou by Larva Labs.

The collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary art institutions, shows that CryptoPunks are now being recognised as an essential art trend by the business, Yuga said in a statement.