Strong competition between floor value of CryptoPunks and BAYC, Punks slightly outperform BAYC


  • Compared to last week, NFTs sales volume has fallen by 18.75%.
  • On August 21, the floor value of CryptoPunks surpassed the floor value of BAYC.
  • BAYC ruled the top floor value during the end of last year.

This week, NFT sales look disappointing as the sales have declined to 18.75%, which is quite lower than the earlier sales volume of the week. The week has been ruled by BAYC with sales of $15,087,189 million, which is up by 61.47% in comparison to the last week. 

CryptoPunks have occupied the sixth spot in terms of NFT sales collection this week with $4,517,133. However, the sales have fallen by 52.38%. Even after that, the project has flipped the Bored Apes when it comes to the floor value. 

On Sunday, i.e. August 21, the floor value of CryptoPunks was 66.45 ETH at 1:45 p.m. (EST); whereas, the floor value of BAYC fell to 64.99 ETH though it got back to the top floor later. 

On July 26, the picture of NFT floor values was completely different. BAYC had the floor value of 82 ETH and was the least expensive that day. CruptoPunks were at number 2 with floor value of 73.95 ETH. According to the statistics, BAYC had top floor value for weeks continuously for months.  

Last week, Yuga Labs released Meebits and CryptoPunks IP licenses. Owing to the new licenses, owners of Meebits and CryptoPunks are enabled to utilize their NFTs for both personal or commercial purposes. BAYC NFTs too have a license for the owners of the NFT. However, according to Galaxy Digital research, the license that covers MAYC, BAKC and BAYC NFTs has serious contradictions. 

CryptoPunks flipped the floor value of BAYC on August 21, but its exact opposite happened on December 22, 2021. During that time, 53.9 ETH was the value of the lowest BAYC, while the highest value was 52.69 ETH. Post the flipping of CryptoPunks by BAYC during the end of last year, the latter has managed to dominate the top floor value. Though the PROOF Collective flipped BAYC at times. 

After flipping on Sunday afternoon, BAYC jumped to the top position. By 4:00 p.m. (EST), the floor value of BAYC was 68.48 ETH, and floor value of CryptoPunks was 66.45 ETH. 

As of now, the market valuation of BAYC is $1.11 billion and the market valuation of CryptoPunks is  around $1.07 billion. The floor value at 5:30 p.m. was 68.48 ETH for BAYC and 66.45 ETH for CryptoPunks.