Vitalik Buterin donates $227k to aid Turkey’s earthquake victims


  • Vitalik Buterian help Turkey’s earthquake victims twice.
  • The non-profit and governmental organization Ahbap received a bitcoin donation from Vitalik worth $150,000.
  • Individuals in the most severely affected areas received a $100 BNB airdrop from Binance.

The Ethereum founder made the decision to assist those hurt by the tragic earthquake that occurred last week in Turkey and Syria. As you all know, Turkey and Syria both faced massive earthquakes the previous week, where more than 30,000 people didn’t survive, and the majority faced a crisis.

This week, Ethereum was actively donated by Vitalik Buterin to support the rescue efforts in Turkey. His most recent donation was 50 ETH ($77,000), which was made to Anka Relief on February 12, according to blockchain security firm Peckshield.

Anka expressed gratitude to the Ethereum co-founder and stated that crypto contributions had been pouring in since the first day. The group added, 

have seen funds pour into the pockets of a select group of leading NGOs ever since the tragedy began. It’s fantastic that they have garnered and will continue to attract additional funding.

To support humanitarian efforts in Turkey, Vitalik donated $150,000 worth of bitcoin to Ahbap, a non-profit and governmental organization. For the many tokens it may accept as donations, Ahbab has provided cryptocurrency addresses.

Stablecoins were the most widely used tokens in the $4.3 million in cryptocurrency donations sent to the Ahbap wallet. The Financial Times of London reported last week that cryptocurrency contributions had flooded worldwide, with Binance contributing $5 million and providing BNB airdrops to individuals in the most severely affected regions.

The hardest-hit areas received a $100 BNB airdrop from Binance last week. Cointelegraph reported on February 7, the day after the terrible earthquake, that the Web3 community was organizing cryptocurrency donations for NGOs and support.