Rolls Royce sells six brand-new Phantom Series II and matching NFTs and raised $1 M for charity


  • Rolls Royce sells six brand-new Phantom Series II to new owners in the Middle East with a matching NFT.
  • The presence of art in this endeavor is a symbol of care for those who were not that lucky in life.
  • The digital artwork is not going to be locked with the car, but a QR code can be found on each of the cars.

In a recent announcement, it has been revealed that the leading premium car manufacturing company, Rolls Royce, has confirmed that the six brand-new Phantom Series II have found new owners in the Middle East. Moreover, the cars will be coming with a matching Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

What’s there to lay an emphasis on is the fact that this endeavor is blended with art to take care of the less fortunate ones in this life. This marks yet another step from the leading car manufacturer to keep its clients happy and satisfied irrespective of any fact. 

Rolls Royce decided to give something back to the community again and made a decision to make something extraordinary and distinct once again. This time, the Abu Dhabi and Dubai branches from the UAE entered a partnership with Sacha Jafri, an artist. Sacha was put on a mission to paint the Gallery of the six Phantom Series II models. 

Well, it should be noted that the artist was given the job of creatively and elegantly displaying water, earth, wind, fire, air, and a conceptualized view of humanity. Sacha Jafri accepted the challenge, and Rolls Royce was supposed to find the owners. 

All six cars were allocated to their serious buyers from the Middle East, and they will be getting an NFT too. In addition to this, it was disclosed that the digital artwork is not going to be locked with the car, but a QR code can be found on each of the cars. The owners are allowed to sell it if they want, but the QR code is to remain etched in the glove compartment. 

In case the owners want to get rid of them completely, they will have to understand that a segment of the sale will automatically go as royalty toward charities. 

With the selling of these distinct vehicles as a segment of the Six Elements Collection, Rolls Royce was able to meet and even exceeded the original aim of the project and managed to raise over $1 million for charity. As for the name of organizations that will be receiving the charity amount, it is going to be announced in December. 

Rolls Royce revealed that the major factor that helped this project stand apart was the painted Gallery. Even though customers are allowed to choose their preferred configurations, the artwork by Sacha is going to be distinct.