Rolls Royce partners up with Sacha Jafri to launch Phantom car series NFT collection


  • British luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce partners with Sacha Jafri to launch the NFT collection.
  • The Six Elements NFTs will represent the six new phantom series cars launched by Rolls Royce.
  • The Six Elements motor car, Humanity, references Sacha Jafri’s best-known work, ‘The Journey of Humanity.’

In a recent tweet shared by the official Twitter handle of Rolls Royce, the British luxury car manufacturing brand, it was revealed that Rolls Royce has partnered with Sacha Jafri to facilitate the launch of an NFT collection. As revealed, the NFT collection will showcase the six new cars recently unleashed by the most expensive car manufacturer. 

Sacha Jafri is a renowned digital artist who is collaborating with Rolls Royce in order to launch the sixth phantom, “The Six Elements” motor car. The car manufacturer announced the launch of the NFT collection along with its new car series at a private event in Dubai, where Rolls Royce released six new cars. 

Sacha Jafri came into the spotlight in the year 2016 after facilitating the creation and launch of a new NFT collection, “On the Wings of an Angel,” that was sold in minutes. Jafri has facilitated the creation of six NFT artworks under the new integration, and each will depict the newly launched car. 

As revealed, the new car-inspired NFT collections are going to represent a total of five universal elements: Wind, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, with the sixth one representing humanity. 

Back in November, Rolls Royce sold six brand-new Phantom Series II and related NFTs while managing to raise $1 million for charity. The digital artwork was not locked to the car, but you can find a QR code on each of the cars. 

Also, back in June 2022, Eric Favre, a Dubai-based entrepreneur, collaborated with the V-verse metaverse platform to release personalized Rolls Royce Phantom NFTs.

Apart from Rolls Royce, there are other luxury car makers too that are stepping into the NFT space. Some of these luxury carmakers are Automobili Lamborghini, BMW, and Lexus.