Avante Art and Yuga Labs Collaborate on Physical CryptoPunk Prints


  • Avante Art has partnered with Yuga Labs to offer tangible prints of CryptoPunk NFTs for a limited 48-hour window.
  • The “Punk-On-Chain” version requires CryptoPunk NFT owners to prove ownership before commissioning a physical print.
  • Both print editions include a Yuga Labs holographic sticker as a mark of authenticity.

Avante Art has teamed up with Yuga Labs, the owner of the CryptoPunks brand, to offer a limited-time opportunity for CryptoPunk NFT holders. Beginning October 26 at 3:00 p.m. UTC and running for a mere 48 hours, the online art store allows enthusiasts to obtain tangible prints of their digital art.

Hence, two distinctive versions of these iconic pieces are on the menu at Avante Art. The first, named “Punk-On-Chain,” allows each CryptoPunk NFT owner to commission a physical print. However, proving ownership is essential before one can request a print. This strategic move ensures exclusivity, as those without the on-chain version can’t acquire its physical counterpart.

Additionally, Avante Art is presenting the “10,000 On-Chain” collection. This set comprises prints of all 10,000 CryptoPunks and is available to all, regardless of ownership status. It’s worth noting the tangible differences between these collections. The 10,000 On-Chain artworks are crafted as Archival pigment prints with a silkscreen varnish seal. Conversely, the Punks-On-Chain prints utilize UV pigment techniques with white underpins. Both editions, however, come adorned with a Yuga Labs holographic sticker, affirming their authenticity.

Moreover, the Punks-On-Chain prints have a unique feature: a QR code on the back. This code is a gateway to a digital Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) on the blockchain. The 10,000 On-Chain pieces, on the other hand, include a physical CoA. This document houses a QR code, which, unlike the former, is not on the print but leads to the digital certificate.

Significantly, the genesis of CryptoPunks can be traced back to June 2017, courtesy of Larva Labs. These algorithmically generated art pieces, initially free for Ethereum network users to mint, have seen exponential appreciation. Currently, the starting price for a single CryptoPunk is around $78,000. The entire collection’s market cap stands impressively over $782 million, as per Coingecko data. It’s also noteworthy that Yuga Labs acquired CryptoPunks copyrights from Larva Labs in March 2022.

Avante Art’s collaboration with Yuga Labs bridges the digital and physical realms, offering a fresh perspective on the rapidly evolving NFT market. This limited-time event celebrates the nostalgic beginnings of CryptoPunks and their undeniable present-day value.