Punk Domains and Flare Blockchain Forge Unstoppable Partnership in Web3 Revolution


  • Punk Domains and Flare have launched .SGB and .FLR domain extensions, gaining significant adoption in the web3 world.
  • These domains provide human-readable labels for blockchain addresses, simplifying token transfers and serving as social media handles.
  • The Bifrost wallet integration allows easy minting and fund transfers for Flare users.

Punk Domains, in collaboration with the Flare blockchain, has experienced overwhelming success with the launch of its domain extensions, .SGB (Songbird Domains), and .FLR (flr.domains). These domains have garnered thousands of registrations, offering human-readable labels for blockchain addresses and representing personal usernames and identities in the thriving web3 world.

The adoption of these web3 domains has been remarkable, as users can now utilize them as social media handles, attach data to them, and simplify the process of sending tokens, replacing the cumbersome alphanumeric characters with user-friendly domain names. The integration of these domains into the Bifrost wallet will enable all Flare users to mint their domains and facilitate fund transfers effortlessly.

To ensure fixed domain pricing regardless of SGB and FLR price fluctuations, the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) will be integrated into the platform. This move reinforces Punk Domains’ commitment to providing a seamless user experience and a stable environment for web3 domain transactions.

The co-founders of Punk Domains, Techie.flr, and Tekr.flr, expressed their gratitude for the warm welcome and enthusiastic support from the Songbird community. Encouraged by this, they are determined to create more innovative tools to enhance the Flare and Songbird ecosystems further.

Prior to the launch of .SGB and .FLR, Punk Domains had already established a range of domain services, such as .smol in the Arbitrum-based Smolverse and .klima domains in collaboration with klimaDAO.

Additionally, the venture introduced SGB Chat, an open-source decentralized social network built on Songbird. This unique platform addresses the shortcomings of web2 social networks, offering a censorship-resistant and demonetization-free environment.

SGB Chat boasts a groundbreaking content minting feature, enabling creators to monetize their contributions effortlessly. By storing content on decentralized storage systems, data integrity and longevity are ensured, promising a robust and reliable platform for its users. Moreover, the team is diligently working on a Flare version of the network, aiming to expand its reach and impact.

Punk Domains has made significant strides in the web3 domain space, with the successful launch of .SGB and .FLR extensions, along with the development of the Bifrost wallet and integration of the Flare Time Series Oracle.

Their commitment to empowering users and providing innovative solutions has made them a prominent player in the rapidly growing web3 ecosystem. With SGB Chat already revolutionizing decentralized social networking, the future holds exciting prospects for Punk Domains and its contributions to the Flare and Songbird communities.