Logan Paul Defends CryptoZoo Project as Not a Scam in Latest Documentary


  • Logan Paul discusses the challenges and personal impact of the CryptoZoo project, emphasizing it wasn’t a scam but beyond his capability.
  • Paul highlights his financial loss and the emotional toll, including suicidal thoughts, while pledging to support affected investors.
  • The documentary delves into legal battles and the class-action lawsuit, offering a multifaceted view of Paul’s endeavors to address the issue.

In a revealing new documentary, Logan Paul addresses the controversy surrounding his CryptoZoo project, arguing that it was not a deliberate scam but rather a venture that exceeded his managerial capabilities at the time. The film, titled “5 Months with Logan Paul,” features a candid discussion between Paul and journalist Graham Bensinger, focusing on the backlash and financial losses faced by investors.

Throughout the documentary, Paul emphasizes his lack of profit from the venture, stating his financial loss of half a million dollars as evidence against the scam allegations. He candidly shares the personal toll the project took on him, including experiencing suicidal thoughts, which marks a significant emotional revelation from the internet personality.

Despite the turmoil, Paul remains committed to rectifying the situation, highlighting his efforts to implement a $1.5 million recovery plan for those affected. This initiative, however, comes with a stipulation requiring participants to forgo any current or future legal claims against him, a condition that has sparked further discussion among the community and stakeholders.

The documentary also touches upon Paul’s legal confrontations with critics, notably his retracted threats of action against YouTube journalist Stephen Findeisen, known as Coffeezilla, who had scrutinized the CryptoZoo project. This aspect of the story underscores the ongoing battle between public perception and Paul’s narrative.

The class-action lawsuit filed by disgruntled investors in February 2023 adds another layer to the saga, accusing Paul and CryptoZoo of conducting a rug pull – a term used to describe a situation where developers abandon a project and abscond with investors’ funds. This legal move indicates the severity of the accusations and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency and NFT markets.

The conclusion of the documentary leaves viewers with a nuanced view of the situation, shedding light on the complexities of managing high-stakes projects in the volatile world of digital assets. Paul’s acknowledgment of his shortcomings and his steps towards amends offer a glimpse into the challenges faced by influencers venturing into the entrepreneurial arena, setting a precedent for accountability and responsibility in the digital age.