Proof to release new NFT collection “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” on April 27


  • Proof’s new collection will include 10,000 pieces from 22 popular artists like Beeple.
  • The collection will launch on April 27 and will be available to Moonbirds holders who achieved “Diamond Nest” status via NFTs staking.
  • Proof is working consistently to expand beyond the Web3 community.

Proof is geared up for the launch of its upcoming digital art series to benefit its current collectors. The new collection, “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition,” will include 10,000 digital artworks made by 22 artists which also includes renowned names like Michael Sidofsky, Terrell Jones, Beeple, Summer Wagner and Daniel Isles. 

The works will be available exclusively to Moonbirds holders with Diamond Nest status upon staking their non-fungible tokes with the firm for a specific time period. 

The nesting function of Moonbirds encourages holders to lock their NFTs rather than listing or selling them. The longer the duration of a Moonbird nested on the wallet of a holder, the more rewards and benefits are received. For instance, such holders will have the Diamond Exhibition available for them. 

On April 18, i.e. Day 1 Diamond Nesters, those who have chosen to stake the Moonbirds non-fungible tokens on the day 1 of the Moonbirds nesting program launch, will be airdropped a “Choice Pass” to enable them to rank their favorite artists among the 22 artists. 

After a voting period of four days, via a raffle, Proof will airdrop art pieces to participating holders of Day 1 Diamond Nesters.

Diamond Nesters who staked their NFTs in the first week of the launch of the nesting program will have a similar rank choice voting as well as airdrop procedure. This will continue until all 10,000 artworks will get distributed. 

The collection’s launch celebration will be celebrated by hosting a party at NFT NYC with Beeple for Moonbirds holders. Beeple will draw one of his Diamond Exhibition pieces in-person. 

Currently, Proof and other NFT companies are looking forward to ways to ensure the satisfaction and engagement of their NFT holders.

In February, Proof canceled Proof of Conference, its marquee annual gathering and cited lack of interest. The news wasn’t received positively by some Moonbirds holders, as one of the major benefits related with having a Moonbirds NFT was the access to the conference .