Moonbirds released an update assuring nested Moonbird to receive a Mythic


  • Moonbirds shared a quick update on the Mythics drop mechanic, The TLDR, guaranteeing that each nested Moonbird will receive a Mythic.
  • If users stay nested, some of them might receive even more than one Mythic.
  • The team is currently working towards solving some nuanced complexities, such as what will happen if you nest only part of the time.

In a recent Twitter thread, the official PROOF PFP, Moonbirds, revealed that they are launching a quick update on the Mythics drop mechanic: The TLDR. As revealed in the Twitter thread, they are going to guarantee that each nested Moonbird is going to receive a Mythic.

In addition, it was revealed that if a user stays nested, some users may receive more than one. However, it should be noted that there are still some complexities that they are working on, which are:

  • What will happen if you only nest part of the time?
  • How do we dynamically update the metadata to show who has already received one?
  • How do we handle randomness/the luck of the draw, on-chain vs. not?
  • How to optimize distribution gas fees?

As revealed in the official tweet by Moonbirds, the project team will continue to test these edge cases to ensure fair, random, and transparent distribution. As per the Twitter thread, more details regarding the same are going to be released soon. 

They will be made available with time as we get closer to launching the collection, which is scheduled for early next year. 

The community was driven by excitement following this news, and it was perceived as a piece of good news.