MoonBirds “Proceed with Caution” project releases two NFTs


  • MoonBirds tweet about their latest additions to their collection.
  • Lucrece, a famous artist, is a part of this launch.
  • Moonbirds is an NFT gallery of pixel owls, each with their own set of traits.

MoonBirds tweeted on February 14, 2023, about their latest additions to their collection of in-chain backgrounds. First and foremost, they are thrilled to have worked with renowned artist Lucrece to develop a series of backdrops exclusive to owners of their “Proceed with Caution” project. To complement the eight Defy NFT colours, there are eight colors provided.

They instructed you to display their NFTs nesting ability with the Day One backdrop, which is only accessible to Moonbirds that nested inside the first 24 hours and haven’t looked back. 

Moonbirds is an NFT collection of pixelated owl PFPs, each with a unique set of characteristics. Moonbirds, which are based on the Ethereum platform, provide users with access to an exclusive club as well as numerous interesting perks the longer they retain the NFT. Owners will find several compelling incentives in the pixel-art collecting initiative. A holder can hold or “nest” a Moonbird NFT, which is a one-of-a-kind reward. Even if the NFT is not “locked” away in a vault, this essentially renders it unsellable.

The project intends to be another high-profile PFP programme, but it has also introduced a slew of new benefits for Moonbird cardholders. Aside from this usage, each Moonbird is designed to enable access to a secret club while also accruing additional rewards the longer users keep them. This is referred to as nesting.