Moonbirds Unveils 3D Avatars and New Digital Home in Volaria for Enhanced User Engagement


  • Moonbirds is launching 3D actors for use in animation within their developing universe, Otherside.
  • Moonbirds is planning to expand into real-world activities, including exclusive events for token holders, such as a potential event at Apefest in Lisbon in October 2024.
  • The company aims to foster community and transparency through discussion sessions.

Moonbirds, an undeniable force in the NFT space, is now stressing beyond the static pieces by launching 3D actors that can be used in intensive animation. In essence, they will be the lifeline of the Otherside, our universe that is in the process of being developed. This endeavor is an illustration of Moonbirds’ devotion to the development of new technologies and interaction with the public, which is consistent with present communication and social media solutions.

Moreover, Moonbirds disclosed plans for a unique new platform, Volaria, that has a digital essence. This is our own space for Moonbirds owners, a dedicated platform for them to connect and dive full in Moonbirds culture right at their home. The Volaria is supposed to help forge a community among Moonbird users, a community that is based on working towards a common cause.

Not only does the Moonbirds utilize the digital world, it has plans of going beyond, as well. The company revealed that it wished to move into the area of real world, concrete events. It is a bracelet that can be worn as a symbol of their membership and there will be exclusive events for the Moonbirds holders to unite the community. Among the upcoming events is a potential one held within Apefest in Lisbon, Portugal, to be held in October 2024, which is probably likely to draw a very large public and media presence.

In addition, to enhance consensus and openness, the Moonbirds has the plans to have discussion sessions. The major events are organized on their Discord website with the aid of a town hall meeting and a discussion at Twitter Spaces in which celebrities of the cryptocurrency and digital art worlds are featured. The main objective of these series of sessions is to provide details and to stimulate advocacy about the Moonbirds project as it is going on and will be.

The integration of an NFT platform into the ecosystem of Moonbirds represents a major advancement as it moves the project from a simple NFT collecting brand to a more interactive and diverse digital experience. Such a strategic switch shall not only increase the worth and attractiveness of Moonbirds but will equally contribute to cementing its image as the pathfinder in the field of digital collectibles.