Discord introduces Web3 user-friendly features


  • Discord has announced plans to widen its ‘Linked Roles’ feature to 20 compatible websites.
  • Users can show off their official connections on their profile alongside certain details like site activity and followers count from specific connected accounts.
  • Admins and community moderators can utilize the connections to create or grant new Linked Roles and offer access to exclusive channels and security in their server.

Discord has announced its decision to grow its ‘Linked Roles’ feature to 20 compatible websites. The feature enables Discord members to link off-site accounts to their personal Discord profiles, which in turn will boost user credibility and curb possibilities of frauds. 

Sites that can be linked to the Discord profile include Twitter, eBay, Reddit, DeviantArt, Steam and a lot more. Upon adding privacy, users can disclose their linked accounts to every Discord server they link to.  

Discord expects to see a decline in frauds and scams on the website with the expanded Linked Roles feature. Scammers are used to target Discord community members as well as the servers to extract money from people through fake giveaways and schemes like become-rich-quickly.  

Users’ Connections will improve with the expanded feature. For instance, people can connect over shared interests. 

A ‘Connection’ refers to a way of showing account details on a user’s Discord by connecting to it. To link the account, a user must sign into it and confirm its ownership. As a result, connected accounts turn genuine as compared to a text field. 

Web3 and NFT communities praise Discord, and a number of projects host servers on the platform. Teams of NFT projects depend on Discord for public relations and giveaways.

Despite the crypto market sinking lately, companies are continuously innovating in the field.  The new feature of Discord is major news for people who are fond of sharing their interests beyond the server. Things would be better if the feature reduces frauds on the website.