Zuckerberg’s metaverse VR platform, Horizon Worlds, goes on Quality Lockdown


  • Zuckerberg’s metaverse VR platform Horizon Worlds has been put on a quality lockdown through the end of the year because of continuous bugs.
  • The platform is not able to hold up to the highest regard even with the Meta employees constantly working to make those improvements.
  • The engagement of team members of Horizon Worlds is highly unsatisfactory, and a plan is written to hold the managers accountable.

In a recently released company memo, it has been revealed that Meta’s metaverse VR Horizon Worlds team has been repeatedly criticized by department leadership for using the platform rarely, regardless of the fact that they were ordered to do so at work and at home.

The Horizon Worlds goes on a Quality Lockdown through the end of the year because of persistent bugs. Right from the launch of the multi-billion dollar VR metaverse gamble of Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, Horizon Worlds attracted mockery from the internet, and it raised to the extent that Zuckerberg had to issue a wounded apology and claim that Horizon was capable of much more and is improving quickly. 

It was revealed that the VR social network of Meta, the flagship metaverse app, was suffering from way too many quality issues, and even the team behind it was not using it much. The quality lockdown is imposed in order to ensure that they fix their quality gaps and performance issues before they release Horizon to more users. 

The VR platform allows people to build and interact in virtual worlds as avatars and was released on the Quest headset of Meta in the month of December last year.