Meta Launches Designer Clothing Store for Digital Avatars


  • The online store will roll out next week in selected countries.
  • The store will offer outfits from brands like Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne.
  • Pricing information of outfits is yet to be declared.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced launching a digital designer clothing store, Meta Avatars Store. The announcement was made during an Instagram Live with Eva Chen, Instagram’s Vice President of fashion partnerships. 

Though it can’t be assumed how many people will come forward to spend money to dress up their avatars, Zuckerberg believes that the fashion clothing options will enable users to express their personality by dressing their avatars. 

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The new virtual store will launch on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger and will roll out next week. Initially, the outfits will be offered from Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne. Talking about the pricing, no details about it have been disclosed yet. 

According to a Meta spokesperson, the clothes will be priced between $2.99 and $8.99, which is way cheaper than the real outfits by the same designers. However, free clothing options for Meta will remain very much available. 

Zuckerberg stated that Meta is looking forward to making the store an open marketplace where developers can create as well as sell anything. 

In a statement, he shared launching Avatars on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger to let one style their avatar upon purchase of digital clothes. Digital goods will act as a crucial way to express in the metaverse. Also, they will boost the creative economy. He also shared his plans of adding more brands and bringing this to VR as well. 

Zuckerberg shared it all through a GIF on Facebook:

The Meta Avatars Store will roll out in Canada, Mexico, United States and Thailand in the coming week. New brands will also be launched for the store. 

The announcement has been made after Meta began working on enhancing its avatars owing to its investment in the metaverse. 

Previously, Meta brought 3D avatars to Instagram besides rolling out updated avatars to Messenger and Facebook. The update has more face, skin tones, expressions and accessibility devices. Users can bring the same avatar across all the Meta platforms which includes VR too.