Meta Files 8 Trademark Applications for Crypto & Metaverse

  • Meta’s cryptocurrency and metaverse trademark registration was discovered by Trademark Attorney.
  • With the imminent arrival of NFTs on Instagram, Meta is expanding its reach into the crypto-verse.
  • Meta is the latest in a long line of prominent mainstream corporations to enter the crypto-verse this year.

Although it has yet to be formally revealed, this breakthrough will surely rank Meta among the front athletes in the world of cryptocurrency.

However, given the quick acceptance of Metaverse as well as other crypto goods, Meta may wish to hurry up the pace in order to avoid being left behind.

A trademark attorney named Mike Kondoudis said that Meta, the parent corporation of social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, would soon embrace the rise of virtual reality.

In trademark applications, Meta strives to make special use of the space. In addition to crypto tokens and Blockchain software trademark applications, virtual currency exchanges, financial trading and currency trading, and digital, crypto, and virtual currencies were also submitted.

In addition, the corporation registered a trademark for a virtual currency wallet.

These apps demonstrate Meta’s involvement in Metaverse and other crypto products.

These applications were received on March 18, the day after Zuckerberg announced the opening of NFTs through Instagram.

Meta and Other Characters in the Metaverse

Although Meta has taken a back seat since then, other prominent mainstream organizations have stepped up to be a part of the virtual world.

Kondoudis disclosed yesterday that the football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has submitted trademark applications for NFTs and Metaverse products and services.

Not long before that, Victoria’s Secret and Skechers revealed their ambitions for NFTs and other virtual-space-related services.

The rate at which cryptocurrency usage is growing suggests that the Metaverse will be the next great marketing tactic after the Internet.

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