ApeCoin reveals Ape-themed games-powering AIP-78 going up for vote tonight on Snapshot


  • AIP-78, powering Ape-themed games all set to go up for vote tonight on Snapshot at 9 PM ET.
  • The games present will be inspired by Falls Guy Game, which includes racing games and etc.
  • The initial characters in the APE Worlds will be the BAYC owners.

A recent revelation confirmed that AIP-78 powering Ape-themed games on the blockchain is going up for vote tonight on Snapshot at 9 PM. Unfortunately, on coming Wednesday, August 17, at 9 PM ET, the voting will be closed.

Powered by Immutable, Ape Worlds will empower anyone to create, share, and monetize their own Ape-themed games. Also, Vy Worlds submitted a proposal to Apecoin

The proposal stated that Ape Worlds would have more than a million wallets connected and playing the game. As the APE token is a token of utility for the entire ecosystem, it will help unlock the community’s creative potential to make BAYC-based games and experiences.

The games will be inspired by Falls Guy Game which will include racing games, score-based games, and elimination matches. Taking an idea from it, the platform will build new and exciting games like 3rd- person shooter or cart racer/battler. 

Coming to the game building, the Ape Worlds engine is easy enough for any individual to use to build their own game. Just simply select a game block and place it. Now once you have your Ape World built, easily share it with your friends or community to jump in and play directly.  

The first characters in the APE Worlds will be the BAYC owners, who are ready for a licensing agreement. 

A total of 5% of the total grant will be reserved for rewarding Ape coin members who will assist in game testing and to reward developers for designing the first Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed games. 

Knock Knock Games will develop it with the help of the Vy Worlds game engine. The team has a substantial leadership experience at Zynga, EA,& Jam City. The prior game will receive 100m installs and $500m in revenue.

The Ape roadmap of the development phase for Alpha and Beta is 3 and 1 month, respectively.

APE asks $1M to build Ape Wolrds effectively, which will be unlocked as the milestones are achieved. This amount will help fund the whole Knock Knock Games team and hire required artists, animators, and engineers.