Steve Taylor to be appointed as CPO for Singapore-based blockchain Affyn


  • Affyn appoints Steve Taylor as Chief Product Officer (CPO).
  • Initially, Steve will be working on Affyn’s first-ever Alpha game demo and NFT Land sale.
  • Affyn aspires to redefine the play-and-earn metaverse environment.

Affyn, a Singapore-based blockchain company, has recently revealed a new member to join their team as Chief Product Officer (CPO). 

Steve Taylor will be joining the company as CPO and will be in charge of developing and implementing Affyn’s product strategy for upcoming projects. Initially, he will be working on Affyn’s first-ever Alpha game demo and NFT Land sale, which is scheduled to be revealed on September 30. 

Founded in 2020, Affyn is a mobile Metaverse with a digital layer that is mapped to the actual world where users are free to explore, play and participate in activities based on their geolocation. 

The new CPO has an impressive experience of more than two decades in the field of digital entertainment, working for both established companies in the gaming industry (Electronic Arts and Unity Technologies) and leading start-ups in the mobile and ad-tech sectors. 

Steve’s whole career revolves around engineering, product strategy and delivery, business development, marketing, and creative direction, making him the perfect candidate for product management. 

He is committed to developing products that resolve complex problems and enhance user experience and improve value to the underlying business. 

On Affyn’s recent successful launch of the first “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT collection, the company hired a new CPO for their product. The collection includes insufficient and rare NFTs that play a crucial role in Affyn’s NEXUS World metaverse. 

Huge demand for the collection resulted in all NFTs sold out within 100 seconds of listing. 

In just six weeks, the floor price surged to more than 30x on the secondary market in OpenSea, while the initial price for the Generation Zero NFTs was around 2,995 $FYN (~USD 150) apiece.

Founder and CEO of Affyn, Lucaz Lee, on the appointment of the new CPO, said Steve, as an individual, is so lively, and his precious experience will help Affyn to build and grow products while enchanting the users. 

The organization is excited to welcome in on board, work with him as a team, and achieve new milestones together. 

Affyn emphasizes redefining the play-and-earn metaverse ecosystem through its NEXUS World game that integrates the best of both the virtual and actual worlds.