DecentraLand Announces Its New Renting System


  • Dencetraland has come up with its news of renting land.
  • The process is live, and it is a more secure and safe way of getting things done.
  • Both the LAND owners and Tenants will benefit from this advanced new way.

On the afternoon of December 6, DecentraIand announced its new Land Renting System. The LANDs owners can now easily rent out their lands in the marketplace of Decentraland. The rent can be done right away on the same platform. The users need to head to “My Assets” in the marketplace.

In the new way of renting under Decentraland, the LAND owners can easily rent, being a secure and trust-able system. The network is made more secure by adding up combinations of signatures. These signatures are further stored in a most trusted and safe place handled by Decentraland Foundation, in collaboration with Ethereum Transaction. They keep the signature safe, both on-chain and off-chain.

Decentraland shared a list of benefits in the tweet. For the land owners, the major benefit, as mentioned by the Marketplace, is they can Rent in a way to earn a profit while they will be retaining ownership. This makes the process of earning easier. 

Additional Voting Power is kept for the LAND owners even after renting the property. Lastly, one property can not be sold until that specific property is claimed back. This will happen only when the Tenant rents the LAND.

For the Tenants, there are several benefits as per Decentraland. There is LAND mentioned in the LAND section for rent in the Marketplace. One of the major benefits is that Land can be rented without owning it just for deployment experience and opportunity. In such cases, they don’t have to own the land.

Further, they informed us that this new system and model are live and the user can head to their site to get all the information and a proper guide to proceed with the procedure.