The third annual Metaverse Art Week has been announced by Decentraland.


  • Decentraland’s third annual Metaverse Art Week will soon be here, with August already halfway over. From August 24 to 28, the five-day event will be broadcast live in Decentraland’s artistic communities.
  • The World is Made of Code is the focus of Metaverse Art Week 2022, which takes place in response to the Venice Biennale Arte this year.
  • A significant virtual world fair will be held as part of the event to display the most recent technological advancements in digital art and design development, further bringing the world of contemporary art and the developing Web3 into consonance.

This month, Decentraland, one of the leading metaverse platforms, will host the third Metaverse Art Week. This version’s theme is “The World is Made of Code,” which depicts the everlasting relationship between man and the environment. The festival will last five days, from August 24 to August 28.

Art Week features a variety of art designs and exhibitions. The event also includes panel discussions and live performances by a number of well-known artists.

This time, the occasion emphasized the relationship between man and nature. To achieve this, the artists will use their creativity to create intriguing patterns, formulas, and sequences that shape the world. In addition, the artists will illustrate how humans are hardwired to emotionally react to artwork made of mathematical patterns found in nature, hence the theme “The World is Made of Code” — inspired by this year’s Venice Biennale Arte.

Metaverse technology is pushing the limits of programmatic art,” asserts Decentraland. The occasion is prepared to highlight the most recent technological advancements in digital art and design by hosting a sizable exhibition in a virtual world where art and Web3 collide.

Metaverse Art Week 2022 will take place at a critical juncture in the adoption of Web3 technology as well as decisions about our digital reality. Users believe that the internet’s future should be built by decentralized communities that are not interested in profiting from user data, imagination, or creativity. This year’s Art Week will be a love letter to the next generation of artists working in the metaverse,” said Sam Hamilton, Creative Director at Decentraland Foundation.