BabyDoge’s first metaverse wearable to go live on July 18th


  • Baby Doge’s first Metaverse wearable goes live on Decentraland on July 18, Monday
  • The project has a collection of around 10k generated 3D NFT artwork.
  • On the occasion of the first birth anniversary of Baby Doge, the announcement was made of a fresh preview of their own Metaverse, Wearable.

The wait is over. Finally, the very first Baby Doge Metaverse Wearable will go live on Decentraland on July 18 Monday. All the NFT holders can enter the Decentraland and play as Babydoge. 

After the launch update, fans of Baby Doge were seen as very happy and enthusiastic about the event. All of them were expressing their excitement through tweets over Twitter. 

The announcement was confirmed over the official Twitter handle of Baby Doge. 

The first statement regarding the first drop for NFT holders was made on May 5, 2022, over Twitter. The wearable is approved by Decentraland, and it has around a collection of 10k generated 3D NFT artwork.  

On the occasion of its birthday on June 1, the authors of the project published a fresh preview of their own Metaverse, Wearable. BabyDoge was initially intended to be a rival to the wildly popular DOGE; however, it is based on Binance Smart Chain. 

On that occasion, the official account retweeted a few of the accomplishments of the year, and the post was made by a fan. As per those statistics, for one year, the project gained more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter, 300,000 participants on Telegram, 61,000 on Discord, more than 320,000 fans on Facebook, and 284,000 followers on Instagram.

When the announcement was made at that time, it was unclear whether it would be on Decentraland or it would be a completely independent project. Also, it was said that the users can expect improvements and changes in both graphics and animation of virtual “doges.” 

The community also claims a record capitalization of more than $1 billion for the year, with more than 1.5 million token holders overall. It’s also crucial to note that, according to the tweet, $366,35 million, or 45.9 percent, of the token offering was destroyed.