Decentraland launches worlds Beta and Bespoke 3D spaces in Metaverse


  • Decentraland intends to make use of the new World’s capabilities to allow individuals to build, experiment, and arrange events without owning LAND.
  • Users who own NAME NFTs are required to use the new feature.
  • A World can now be divided into four parcels, each of which is 1616 meters in size.

To encourage citizens to construct, experiment, and organize events without owning LAND, Decentraland plans to use the new Worlds functionality. In the past, residents had to own LAND to conduct private events. Expectedly, the Worlds functionality will make it easier to become a Decentrand creator.

To use the new feature, users must be NAME NFT owners. NAME NFTs coexist with the LAND and Genesis City infrastructure of Decentraland. Creating the NAME NFT within the DCL ecosystem typically costs 100 MANA, or around $30, and it can be allocated to a citizen’s avatar or LAND. In the Decentraland marketplace, users can buy NAME NFTs directly from other owners.

Currently, a single World can span up to four parcels, each of which is 1616 meters in size. Each World may support a maximum of 100 concurrent users and 100 MB.

The Decentraland Foundation emphasized that the feature is currently in beta and that many other adjustments, such as extending the size restrictions for parcels and megabytes, are anticipated in the future. In upcoming releases, the metaverse foundation hinted about letting people host their Worlds on their servers.

Currently, a single World can have up to 100 concurrent users, be up to 100 MB in size, and span up to 4 parcels, each measuring 16×16 meters. 

However, as World is still in beta, additional improvements are likely to come in the future, like raising the feature’s size restrictions in terms of parcels and megabytes and even enabling users to host their Worlds on their servers.

One has a lot of creative freedom while creating one’s World, including the ability to specify how the parcels in your area are organized. 

Users can then design a footprint that best meets their requirements, whether it be square-shaped, a long trail, or something completely different. They’ll also have the same choices for limiting visitors to their World that are provided by Decentraland’s SDK for LAND properties.