Samsung Latam presents its own space named “House of Sam” in Decentraland


  • Samsung Latam announces the launch of the House of Sam Metaverse experience in Decentraland.
  • The Latin American regional division intends to increase the visibility of its brand in the digital world.
  • Customers will be able to interconnect with each other and participate in exclusive shows and events offered for free at Decentraland.

Samsung Lata, the regional division of the electronic mammoth, has recently announced its plans to present its own space in Decentraland. The space will be named “House of Sam” and will allow users to establish virtual contact with different products of the brand. 

The Latin American regional division of the electronics company is embarked on a journey to dedicating an online space to promote the visibility of its brand in the digital world. Well, as mentioned by the officials, the company is aimed at bringing the brand closer to a new generation of consumers utilizing Metaverse as a tool.

Arthur Wong, the Marketing Director for Samsung, released a statement regarding the same that said their consumers would be able to interact with each other and take part in the events offered for free at Decentraland. The goal is to get even closer to Gen Z, where the younger customers know no boundaries between physical and virtual. 

The space was launched on September 1 with a virtual show from the Brazilian trio, Melim and is already open for users. 

As revealed in the announcement, The House of Sam will be offering a series of mini-games associated with the brand that will also be responsible for presenting prizes to users in the form of exclusive wearables for its avatars in Decentraland. 

The Freestyle portable projector is among the most iconic products in the virtual space. Prior to this, the company has been taking strides in the NFT marketplace and the Bitcoin mining chip business. Back in the month of July, the firm launched another metaverse experience named Space Tycoon as a segment of the Roblox platform.