Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Space Tycoon on Roblox


  • Samsung has debuted Samsung Space Tycoon, an experimental virtual environment, on the popular metaverse platform Roblox.
  • The Space Tycoon Project was designed by Samsung Engineers Soojung Lee, Jaeik Lee, Yeonee Choi, and Doeun Shin at Samsung’s Corporate Design Center.
  • Space Tycoon was developed as a management simulation game due to its focus on the user experience.

Samsung recently launched an experimental virtual world on the well-known metaverse platform, Roblox, under the name Samsung Space Tycoon. In the metaverse, users can construct and alter actual Samsung items in Space Tycoon, a simulated environment.

And now, Samsung Engineers, Soojung Lee, Jaeik Lee, Yeonee Choi, and Doeun Shin, the designers of Samsung’s Corporate Design Center who led the Space Tycoon Project, get into an interview to talk about the magic of Samsung Space Tycoon.

While talking about the experience of Samsung in Space Tycoon the team said that Samsung had come a long way from making home appliances to having aliens. They said that as soon as the player enters Space Tycoon, a story task asks them to design a digital good using Samsung’s aliens. 

They added customers who use their products can accumulate coins that can be used to buy cellphones, vacuum cleaners, and other goods. Due to its emphasis on the user experience, Space Tycoon was created as a management simulation game.

Now, Smartphones such as Scooters and Vacuum Cleaners as Hoverboards, show how imagination traveled with Samsung. The designers said that in addition to being utilized to create real Samsung products in the game, these virtual, adaptable products give customers a distinctive brand experience by allowing them to use them for reasons other than those for which they were designed.

Shin, who designed the visual interaction added that Instead of presenting boring, technical information about product performance, such as battery capacity and camera resolution, they placed a higher priority on Gen Z having fun while connecting with the Samsung brand and products by leveraging the characteristics of the metaverse.

Aliens can develop new products in the advanced environment of Space Tycoon, which is a unique location in the far future with an abundance of resources. The vibrant colors of Space Tycoon draw people in instead of the typically conjured-upon huge and silent vision of space.

On Space Tycoon, the surroundings are awash with hues that are not typically found on Earth. Keeping common features, including ponds, trees, and rocks, to let people know that these are in fact elements of nature. According to designer Jaeik Lee, they aimed to create an unexpected vibe with artificiality in texture and color.