Millions invested by Samsung in LATAM-focused metaverse projects


  • Samsung recently disclosed that it would contribute more than $35 million to projects involving the metaverse.
  • Samsung is famous for its continual efforts to assist the advancement of cutting-edge technology.
  • According to the electronics industry, Generation Z individuals who are digital natives also use alternative communication channels including social media and the Metaverse.

One of the biggest global manufacturers of electronics, Samsung, recently announced that it would invest more than $35 million in metaverse projects that are geared toward customers in the Latin American region.

This action is being taken as a part of the company’s ongoing digital push and growth marketing strategy. Its main goal is to support the brand’s capacity to draw in and engage with the younger members of this region’s next generation.

Samsung is renowned for its ongoing initiatives to support cutting-edge technology developments. Anita Caerols, the company’s director of marketing and corporate citizenship for Chile, provided a detailed explanation of the goals of Samsung Electronics’ most recent VR campaign in a piece published on December 20.

Exploring these worlds, such as Roblox, Fortnite, and more recently Decentraland is a method for Samsung to interact with and approach this audience, which also happens to be the next sizable generation of consumers.

And that is what Metaverse makes feasible right now: the ability to listen to and exchange ideas with people who were born in a world where smartphones were already commonplace.

The electronics business claims that, in addition to several other communication channels like social media, the metaverse is just another one for digital natives like members of Generation Z. Due to this very factor, Generation Z is the most significant demographic for the Metaverse.

Samsung can interact with and get to know this audience, which will also be the next large generation of customers, by exploring worlds like Roblox, Fortnite, and most recently, Decentraland. The consumers of the future will be this group of people.

The many Metaverse platforms currently have an active audience of 400 million monthly users, of whom 51% are 13 years of age or younger, according to a report published by LinkedIn, notwithstanding recent discussions about users of particular sites.

There won’t doubt be any barriers separating the virtual from the real world in the environment that the younger generation creates. Numerous opportunities are thought to exist for cooperative construction.