Design Your Own Customized NFT Art Now in Samsung 837X

  • Samsung is giving the users an opportunity to create a world they desire.
  • Not just that but there will be several worlds to explore with exciting prizes and characters to interact with.
  • Samsung is providing its customers with a quest where they will be granted an opportunity to customize a personal NFT for themselves.

It’s a lucky day for every fan of Metaverse as Samsung has announced an exciting quest where the world is what #YouMakeIt. Take a chance and create a thrilling world that you desire. You can express yourselves through the NFT art you create. Samsung never fails to excite the users. The fun does not end here because there will be characters you can interact with and abundant prizes that you can win!

12,000 fans have paid a visit to Decentraland since January, which is a virtual world inspired by the flagship store in NYC. Samsung 837X is providing the players with exclusive experience, with culture and technology combined. It will help people connect deeper than before.

Starting today, the visitors will be allowed to enter the quest called You Make it. This will be an exciting adventure as you will be granted a fascinating opportunity to create what you want. This quest by 837X will inspire people to express their uniqueness and style. It will display the different styles and features of every individual and it will be thrilling to go through what the users create with their imagination and desires.

This quest is all about discovering your true self. While you engage yourself with the creation of your personalized NFT art, you will find your deepest desires. You will find your uniqueness because no other person will come with the same NFT art as you.

Samsung has partnered with an Artificial Intelligence called Pixelmind, which has made this quest possible. The first 20,000 people that will complete this quest will receive their special creations and every participant will receive a special You Make It badge.

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