Iara Dias exemplifies music in metaverse at the Sandbox Summit Web3 Special Conference


  • Iara Dias, Producer of Metaverse Music Events at Decentraland, speaks on music, the Metaverse, and wearable technology at the Sandbox Summit Web3 Special conference.
  • They were joined by producer Iara Dias, who spoke with them about the potential of virtual music events.
  • According to Dias, anyone can operate their Decentraland server by submitting a proposal and getting a grant to get started.

Metaverse Music Events Producer at Decentraland, Iara Dias, talks about music, Metaverse, and wearables at Sandbox Summit Web3 Special conference. The Metaverse and what it implies for music was the concluding topic for the conference this week after NFTs, DAOs, and web3 music services.

At the Sandbox Summit Web3 Special, Music Ally will hold its first live event in person in more than 2.5 years. On June 28, a one-day conference will be held to discuss the main aspects of web3, including NFTs, DAOs, web3 music services, and the Metaverse.

Producer Iara Dias joined them to provide her perspective on virtual music events and their future possibilities. Decentraland is one of the virtual worlds that has been experimenting with this. The virtual world platform Decentraland is completely user-run and has its own (independent) Decentraland Foundation.

According to Dias, anyone can operate their Decentraland server by submitting a proposal and getting a grant to get started. Most of its code is open-source, except for the most delicate parts and the features that are now being tested.

Users, 3D studios and developers, independent creators, land owners (this is one of the new breeds of virtual worlds where you can buy land to build on), artists, software developers, NFT marketplaces, consulting teams, crypto trade tools, and brands are all part of the ecosystem that has been established. She said:

On average we have 300,000 monthly active users, but we have a peak of 500,000 users, and daily active users are around 25-30k. When we create big events such as Metaverse Fashion Week and Metaverse Festival, then we have a peak in users between 40k and 50k daily active users.

The actual numbers are higher because these data only include those with registered wallets; they do not account for tourists that visit Decentraland without registering.

According to Dias, Decentraland is expanding quickly, with a 13x increase in visitors and active users in 2021. Sales of wearables, or virtual goods for users’ avatars, increased by 2.5 times that year, and sales of land on Decentraland’s marketplace increased by 18 times.