Top 5 NFT marketplaces exceeded $40 billion in all-time sales, OpenSea leads


  • Despite NFTs not doing great this year, the top five NFT markets have made $40 billion until October 29.
  • The market was dominated by OpenSea with NFT sales of $32 billion.
  • Compared to the last month, NFT sales throughout the world in the past 30 days were down by 21.32%.

Sales of NFTs have fallen since the beginning of 2022; however, in terms of the largest all-time sales, the leading five marketplaces have hit beyond $40 billion. Furthermore, OpenSea made $32 billion since its sales are dominating the best five NFT marketplaces by an impressive 79%.

On October 29, the top five NFT marketplaces made over $41.36 billion. OpenSea remained the largest marketplace with over $33 billion range.

Based on statistics, $2.34 million traders executed the $32.76 billion in sales. On October 29, $352 was the average price for a non-fungible token through OpenSea.

After OpenSea is Axie Marketplace with $4.26B, Magic Eden with $1.83B, LooksRare with $1.62B and X2Y2 with $891M. To date, Axie marketplace has 2.17 million traders.

Over $171 is the average for an NFT through Axie marketplace. Talking about Magic Eden, its $1.83 billion in sales were settled by 1.21 million traders with the average value for an NFT at $124 on Oct. 29.

LooksRare has 107,636 settled trades. Surprisingly, on Saturday, the average price for an NFT is quite large with the average NFT sale being $6.59K. 

Though X2Y2 has not touched the billion mark until now, it is moving closer to achieve it. On October 29, X2Y2 settled $891 million among a total of 158,273 traders. Coming to the average price, it is  $582.78.

Mobox with $694M, Solanart with $665M, Bloctobay with $458M, AtomicMarket with $435M, Immutable X with $337M and Rarible with $300M are among the other popular NFT marketplaces on the scale of all-time sales. 

According to the data, NFT sales throughout the world in the past 30 days made $426 million, a downfall by 21.32% from the previous month. Among 510,859 buyers, over 556,057 NFT transactions happened in the past 30 days.